I'm always taken back when I receive a gift from someone and the reason being is because, when someone gives you a gift that means that they had to actually think about you. (OK! sometimes you may have received a gift where it looks like they didn't think about you at all! Lol)  

Being a professional vocalist and always traveling I meet so many people that often times bring me gifts, either from someone that takes their earrings off and give them to me, (because I said I liked them) or they actually went out and bought me a gift and presented it to me at my concert, or they made something by hand. One day I will have to post several of my gifts that I have received through the years.  

But today I'd like to give a shout out to Fabiana, she has known me for many years and has always supported my music career by coming to my concerts, buying my latest CD the moment it comes out, buying CD's for her friends and the list goes on.  Well, during the Christmas holiday season of 2016, Fabiana posted a photo on FB (of a little crocheted doll) and tagged me with the question (does this look like someone you know?) my mouth wide open in surprise because it was a little Habaka Doll!

So she tells me the next time your in the area let me know I'd like for you to have it.  Finally I was in the area and as they say the rest is history, I now have little Habaka in my possession and she is just the cutest little doll you've ever seen, Fabiana was inspired to make her from a photograph that I had posted in the winter with the same style hat that she put on this doll, and her dress from a sweater or jacket that I was wearing in another photograph, her dreadlocs are in all shades of the rainbow!  So much work was put into the making of this doll and I just want Fabiana to know how much I appreciate her taking out her time and energy to make this doll by hand, that when you see it you know it was most definitely made STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU..... Much love to you!!!! Hugs


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