Hi everyone, well it's been a couple of months since I posted a blog here and with very good reason.  Since my last post I have been without a computer!!!!!!! You heard me right, so you know that for anyone in a business or not that without your computer you are like walking in limbo:-) I mean things could be much more grim and I have NO way of communicating with you, but to do some of the bigger things I really do need to have a computer.   

In the meantime I have been trying my best to keep up on my other social media pages like: FB: and my Twitter: @HabakaKFJ and ReVerbNation which with only these I have quite a time keeping it :-) I don't know how people do it really with all of the other social media there is, if you have a secret then let me in on it would you please?:-)   

What prompted me to write this BLOG today was that while I was on my twitter account: @HabakaKFJ I posted notice of an upcoming concert and maybe after about 5 min. I received a notification that Niki Howard had favorited my tweet for the first time I was just like a little girl smiling from ear to ear and with unbelieving eyes I continued to look at that little star thinking Wow! I wonder if it's really her or if she has someone keeping up her social media like so many of them do, but who cares the important thing is I got somebody's attention:-) and that's the good thing about technology, you just never know what can happen.

Heres a copy of my notification:  HOW COOL IS THAT?                   
Your Tweet got favorited!              
I'm headlining tomorrow's concert if u r in the area I'd love to meet you! #thelifeofavocalist #musicsweetforthesoul
06:01 PM - 18 Aug 14
        Favorited by
         miki howard @MikiHowardlive    
Entertainer and a living doll...
See what else @MikiHowardlive is favoriting.    

So in closing I say don't give up on your craft or yourself because your worth it, but you must know that you are.  Oh, Oh then I tweeted her again and said thanks for the support and she favorited that:-) LOL I'm going to sleep real well tonight, yeah sweet dreams. 

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