Today, September 26, 2019, I received a wonderful email alert from my PayPal account.  It was notifying me that I had received a donation from someone who has been close to me for some time.  She has seen my musical journey, my struggles, and my successes.  

It doesn't matter the amount of the donation, but what does matter is that it was made.  It tells me that they went to my website, and literally took a look at everything on my website, in order to find that donation link as well, and they were moved in their hearts to make a donation.  

Sometimes as an Independent artist we may feel that people don't understand the depths of the music business and perhaps in the midst of all the ups and downs, we as artists may even contemplate throwing in the towel.  Well, I receive gifts from my Honey Bee's on a daily basis, but yet in still when I receive a Blessing I'm still left with a open mouth because I'm just so grateful that my Honey Bees are watching me and are rooting for me to continue my musical journey. 

Thank you for letting me know how important my work is to you!!!!!   


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