We will be visiting at least 5 Metro cities interviewing individuals who have an 8 Track Mind, and Living a Sensation Life.  They are seasoned and wise in creating their own roads to success.  Being uniquely branded and standing firm in sharing their expertise throughout the world, Living Sensationally. 

We will be interviewing for the upcoming fall/winter season of 8 Track Mind "with Habaka" TV and Sensational Living TV.  Imagine, your ads keep going on into the winter if you like. OR, we could have it run weekly through our social media. 

We will be going live daily on our Facebook Page to keep you informed of our progress and to introduce you to others along the way. Great people, food and entertainment. Imaging your name and/or logo being featured on this show.

As the command grows for people in those areas we hope to add VIP parties so you can get to know them. 

Have a product you want us to mention or even use while on the road please contact us. We are growing and spreading great news about companies owned by Sensational people so let's add your business to this roster of greatness. 

As an Ad Sponsor you will immediately be added to the rotation of Advertisers and Sponsors.

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