The Last 3 Days

Well I tell you it has been quite a challenge for me the last 3 days, I know your wondering why is that?  About 10yrs ago I had a terrible accident here in Italy, needless to say "God Is Good" because I'm still here in one piece.:-) , so everytime I have a tour that involves much travel and changes in the climate at the end of that tour when I retire back home to relax, an accumlation of all that took place locks my muscles down and I'm left in a position where I can barely move.  (it feels as if I relive the accident all over again (if you know what I mean))  

So to make a long story short, that's exactly what happened to me about 3 days ago, and since I'm a firm believer in natural healing my physical therapist always warns me to prepare before hand and do treatments so I won't have to go through this, but you know how we are as humans and we always say "yes I understand and I'll do it" and then we get caught up in what we think is more important and not make the time to do so.  

I know one thing, this time the payment was very high and I bet you I will be doing what I'm supposed to do inorder to prevent this from happening where I have to be in so much pain., I can't even begin to explain, how painful it is.  So the good new's is, it's day 3 and I'm starting to feel much better, and that's because I'm having to go to my therapist everyday for a week for treatment inorder to get back on my feet.

If you have similar incidents like this that affect your body then you know what I'm talking about, and feel free to even add your experience here.  Just happy to be feeling better!!! Hugs


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