I love watching birds, always have since I can remember.  I bought this tiny little birdhouse from a cute couple in Las Vegas about two years ago at a flea market.  While I was standing there chatting with them I learned that the husband built all of these wonderful birdhouses by hand, and the one I had chosen in particular was special because the roof of the birdhouse came from an old barn in Connecticut and the wood was more than 50 years old.  

Not only that; this couple had lost their daughter and she was an avid believer in helping the shelter for homeless children.  So they started a foundation in her name, and by selling items that they mainly made by hand since he could build these incredible birdhouse's and his wife could knit and sew, all of the monies made at the market, they would go and buy brand new tennis shoes for the homeless children in the shelter.   

What really stayed in my mind was that, these children (the majority) were homeless because their parents had left them behind after gambling in the casino and loosing all their money.  I just couldn't imagine that being legal to happen, but it is.   I didn't mean to take the story there, but that is what remained in my mind.   

So Happy Earth Day, and remember that the making of this little birdhouse to give birds shelter, was also used to collect monies to give to the homeless children that are being cared for in these shelters.   Hugs  


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