Starting today I've decided to put someone I know in the spotlight that has come across my path. 

Meet Andreea Nicky of Vittorio, Veneto Italy.  Last summer while on my summer tour, I was at the market which is held on Monday's in Vittorio Veneto.  I always arrive when the market is just about over.  So to get to the story...I'm at the vegetable and fruit stand and I'm asking for strawberries, bananas, pineapple, etc... I notice a young girl off to the side (Andreea Nicky) purchasing some apples and a few other items.  I'm laughing and talking with the guy because he's always trying to sell me much more than I can eat or carry.  

Well, I finish paying for my items and as I turn around I see that very same young lady (Andreea Nicky) standing near the side walk.  The dialogue: Her: Are you this person in this photo?( and she shows me her telephone).  Me: (I'm startled because the photo is in fact of me) Lol. Yes!! It's me I say, Her:  I thought that was you when I heard your voice at the fruit stand, I've been looking for you for years since the time I heard you sing here in Vittorio Veneto in the square about 5-6 years ago.  Me:  Oh my God! that's incredible after all these years you recognize me.  Her:  When I heard your voice and looked at you I said to myself "it has to be her"  Me:  So you've been waiting all this time for me to finish shopping to ask me that question?  Her:  Yes, and I even made a purchase so I wouldn't seem suspicious. (We both laugh)  Me:  Wow, this is amazing, (we take a photo together with both of our phones)  Her:  I'm one of your biggest fans and I just love your music, your voice, I can't believe I'm actually seeing you.  Me:  It really is amazing, please let's stay in touch on social media and I have new music out that you may like.  Her:  I will, I'm so happy to have found you again.So Andreea I just want to say thank you for being a follower and supporter of my music and I want you to know I don't take it lightly.  I wish you much success in all that you do. Hugs





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