You know what?  It's almost August and that means that my summer tour is winding up!  It has been such a blast and I've been traveling all over Europe performing on some ot the most prestigious Festivals in Europe!  I've met some very interesting people and I've seen some very interesting places as well, I even stayed at a Hotel where they actually are number 10 in the USA for producing the best Wine!, they still do it the old fashion way and how educational it was to learn exactly what it takes to produce Organic Wine.  After thinking about it I came up with this (now I understand why the Bible said  the wine produced by Jesus, his first miracle was so incredible, because it was NATURAL!):-) 

Even though I'm looking forward to resting a bit, it always makes me just a little sad that all the excitement is over, so I guess I'll just have to stay busy preparing for the next season which will be Christmas!!!!    

Feel free to leave your thoughts as well, I love conversating.  Hugs  Habaka 


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