Yesterday a friend of mine called and asked what I was doing, and at that moment I was still in my PJ's and doing what I considered relaxing.  So in thinking about it today I just wanted to share with you that I found out that I actually was not relaxing, but where I was going was really the true meaning of relax.  

I found this definition of relax from - The relaxation response is a physical and mental technique that counteracts the stress response, creating a return to normal. Balance is achieved within the system. Complete relaxation involves learning to recognize and feel tension in every muscle of the body, and how to release it. Four basic elements are required to learn the relaxation response. 

And I must say I completely agree after my experience yesterday March 3, 2014.  All I can say is if you've never tried it you must. Where ever you live google and find a SPA such as to get the full effect and give yourself a treat.  I'm so grateful to have good friends and God alway's sends you what you need when you need it!!!! Hugs 

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    Thank you Summer! Your body will definitely thank you. Hugs

    Thank you Summer! Your body will definitely thank you. Hugs

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