It doesn't matter what they say, I tell you, there's no place like home! Now when I say that I mean theres nothing like a Mother's or Father's love, if they were your main source of your umbilical cord connection. In other words; I'm speaking of who ever was responsible for nurturing you in love in any type of maternal or paternal kind of way. 

Funny, for several months now, I've been feeling like I needed to be in the arms of my mother. It was such an over whelming feeling that I just couldn't seem to shake and I even found myself waking up in the night and sitting on my couch with the longing of just needing to lay eyes on her, even though I speak to her every other day. 

Well, I tell you...the Universe has it's way of giving you what you're longing for in some way, form, or fashion.  Here I am on St. Patrick's Day in the presence of my Mom.

As an only child, I grew up being a very independent woman and so, I said that to say that I also moved away from home at a the very early age of 18. With that I also started to travel quite a bit and so being away from my Mom and sometimes not seeing her for several years was not foreign to me. 

So fast forward back to this feeling of needing to see my mother, I learned that she too was longing to see me.  The problem is, neither one of us made it clear on how we wanted to see one another to the Universe and as God would have it, my Mom ended up in the hospital having emergency surgery.  That's not how we wanted to have to get together, but that is what brought us together again.  

I'm grateful that my Mom is a warrior and she has bounced back as if nothing has happened once again.  She did the same thing when the good Lord helped her to defeat cancer 11 years ago.  We are both happy that our longing to see one another came to pass and we have some time to genuinely love on one another and to treasure the moment. 

We want to say THANK YOU to everyone that has been instrumental in her speedy recovery.  We Love You! Hugs 

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