So how many of you can honestly say that you are good at remembering someone's name?  I'll be the first to say that I am terrible at remembering someones name, but I can say that I never forget a face.  Even in the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" Meryl Streep had her girls to learn the names and faces of all of her clients and contacts so that she would look fabulous seeming to have remembered their names.  I've also read that there are little specialties about a person that you can pick out about that person to link it to their name the very first time you meet, and by doing that it will always remain in your memory bank to be pulled to the surface when you see that person again.  I believe that you can use this also as a good means of brain exercise which I definitely need, seeing that I meet so many people in a year's time. 

So as I sat in WCLK Radio station waiting to be interviewed by Gwen Redding aka (Rivablue) in Atlanta, GA, in walks Jamal Amad radio personality of the Soul of Jazz radio broadcast.  Now, I had met Jamal in 2013 when I volunteered for their yearly fund drive to help keep WCLK on the air waves and it was a fantastic day talking to people on the phone and musicians stopping by the station to give a shoutout on the air and say hello to everyone participating.  So OK, mind you again, that I had not seen Jamal since 2013 and that was the only time we met, well he walks up to me and he says "hello, how are you? and I respond hi I'm fine, good to see you, and he says, Habaka right? and me, I'm floored because he remembered my name.  The power of remembering someone's name. 

Tell me that wouldn't make anyone feel good!!!!  I've got to do better!!! Lol Hugs 


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