Well, I performed for the very first time at this little quaint club by the name of Cork & Thorn, that is also a flower store during the day!  You heard me correctly, it's a flower shop during the day and a Jazz Club in the evening.  

The story goes like this, I went to meet a couple of my girlfriends that had been telling me I needed to stop by and meet the owner so that I could possibly get booked to perform.  So I finally arrived to hear the guitarist by the name of Dirk.  I sat in and sang a song with him, and as they say the rest is history.  

Fast forward I performed there on April 12th with a wonderful pianist/saxophonist by the name of Wayne Grey and towards the end of the night, who comes in and sits at the bar but Al B. Sure.  I didn't know that it was him when he walked in and I really didn't see his face because his back was to me almost the entire time that he sat there chatting with the club owner.  

We finish the night and the owner walks up to me and says, I'd like you to meet my dear friend Al B. Sure.  I was totally surprised and needless to say I was able to get a shot with him.  He said he enjoyed the show and was very cordial and we even realized that he knew my father.  

Indeed it's a small world and you just never know who you will meet, whether it be in a huge venue or a small intimate venue. Always be at your best, because you never know who you will meet.  Stars are born just in that way. Lol Hugs 



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