Honey Bees!  Today is December 29th, and all day I've been on an emotional rollercoaster. Tomorrow is December 30th, marks 5 years that my father Melvin Jackson made his transition.  I really can't even believe that it's been 5 years already.  

I'm missing his voice, his late night phone calls to me in Italy, watching him perform on stage, going out to eat his favorite breakfast (steak and eggs), laughing so hard till we cry, him asking me; "baby girl, have you lost your black mind"? 

What I'm feeling is an explosion of joy, excitement, nervousness, sadness, grief, accomplishment, and determination. 

Last night while scrolling through my Instagram page  I ran across a post concerning the Black Music Association Of Arts awards for Las Vegas, and the young lady was saying how happy she is to have been nominated and congratulations to all of the artists that have been nominated.  

So of course I swiped left to look at the list that she  posted, and low and behold my name is on the list for "Best Female Jazz Artist" 

I'm over the moon to have been given the opportunity again this year.  I know my dad is all in the midst of it.:-) and what better way for me to spend my day listening to his music, and thinking how grateful I am for being nominated for 2020! I miss you Daddy! Love your Baby Girl! #thelifeofavocalist #keepingthebluesalive 





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