As you know, last week I posted a question on my FB page to list 5 adjectives that best describes my music.  Once you clicked on the link it brought you to a specific page inorder to write your answers', well to our surprise we received quite a bit of interesting answers. As I told you I would not be the one choosing who would be chosen to receive a copy of my new single "I Will Wait For You" in anticpation of my new CD to be released in the spring!!!  

I've just received word from my management team, that Margo Cline was chosen to receive my autographed copy!!!!! Congratulations Margo!  I believe they sent you an email regarding the fact.  

Many thanks to everyone who participated and in my book your all a WINNER!  Don't worry we'll be having another contest in the near future where you'll all have another chance to take part in the fun.  

Much love!  Hugs Habaka

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