Do You Remember 9-11?

Sitting here thinking back on that day 9-11, everything replayed in my mind as clear as if it were yesterday.  I remember clearly that mid-morning I was on the phone laughing and talking with a friend who is also from America, you see because I live in Italy and so we were on the phone chatting and laughing and I was cooking.  We were just talking about how we missed home and we both had our televisions on and my friend shouts to me, OH my God!, Oh my God!  and he says did you see what just happened in the united states?  So I'm standing there looking at the television and it looks like some kind of a film thats going on and I myself began to trimble, still in shock and not fully understanding what was really happening I keep saying is that in New York? And I'm thinking oh  my God!, the people in the buildings and on the street, we immediately got off the phone and I proceeded to try to reach my mother, which was impossible by that time all the lines were shut down., (my mom lives in Atlanta) So of course I'm thinkin' I need to go home., well I finally reached my mother the next day and she of course wanted me to come home, well when I went to check the flights to the US were not happening.  

At that very moment was when I felt helpless and trapped, being so far away and unable to do a thing.  That's also when I realized that it only takes a split second and your whole life can change forever.  I think we take too many things for granted and that we should always think of such events to keep us on track and whats really important in this life that were living.  

To all those who lost loved ones on that day, may your hearts continue to heal.  God Bless You!, and God Bless America!  Hugs Habaka

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