Bit By The Bug

Anyone that has ever had a combination of Acute Bronchitis & Pneumonia know that it is not a joke, and that's what I was bitten by about a month ago.  It became so bad that I ended being hospitalized and having to undergo an outrageous amount of antibiotic treatment.  I tell you what for anyone it's no fun and especially for a professional singer.  Can you imagine the metal trauma I've been going through? Thinking all kinds of thoughts of not being able to perform again, loosing my voice with a different voice remaining as a result...and on and on and on.:-)

Well the good new's is that I was given all sorts of test and one in particular was an MRI which with that they were able to discover that I had an abnormal bronchial function probably since I was born, which never surfaced until now and would not have been able to be detected through normal xrays, like I had taken a week before which only showed that I had pneumonia.  So the rest of the good new's is that none of my organs had been damaged and that I can be cured!!!!!! So you know I was really cuttin a dance and praising the Lord on that one. :-)  

So seeing that I should be good as new in about week, I can hardly wait to get back on the stage and do what I love the most and that's sing.

Hugs Habaka

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